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demure mutterings :: beneath the sun, under the parasol

This is the fandom journal of a professional political speaker, Kagura-sama, who proudly attends at the Oxford University of England. She generally enjoys formal, intelligent debates on every occasion especially in politics, biology, enology, and additionally geographic theories. She is quite a well-known scholar and currently an undergraduate at said university.

By the way, everything in the above paragraph is an utter lie. Kagura is in fact a queer person enrolled into a plain college. She is left-handed, a rambler, a nitpicker, a procrastinator, and marginally analytical. She normally enjoys her preferred fandoms sporadically, though she also finds them to be hilarious as well.

As an odd side-note, she has tendencies to read and speculate upon numerous alternate pairings within her preferred fandoms.

And, yes, she is currently speaking in third-person.

Ahem. As mentioned above, this journal will probably be a fandom-only journal. Be it snippets, muses, fic recs, or rants and essays. Especially regarding the series known as Naruto and/or possibly Bleach. You have a 40.5% chance of seeing actual bitching about my RL because I ... rather enjoy keeping a low profile about my personal tastes, opinions, etc and I am too lazy to whine every day. Aside from this, I will likely friend-lock all my personal posts.

But, just as an extra little warning: I happen to enjoy reading incest, and generally socially unacceptable taboos (i.e it is my cup 'o tea <3). I am free-minded to yaoi, yuri, threesomes, shota-con, lolicon, and whatever kink that may otherwise be generally shocking for you. This is just a litle warning if you are convinced this journal will be completely readable, G-rated and/or filled with drab rambling.

Ahem. obscure_haze be my personal fic journal, although it may not be used so often. In fact, it is currently empty however I am intending on using it in the future for self-explanatory reasons. Please, ignore the silly name--hence I will feel no shame.

Friending Policy

This Fandom journal is completely free to friend. There is usually no need to ask me for permission, or if I will mind. (Additionally, I enjoy receiving all sorts of comments from different kinds of people.) If you friend me, I probably will not friend you back -- although, please note that this is not because I am making a personal judgement against you since I almost never friend-lock my entries. It is simply an indication of my profound laziness to check over your personal journal or else the fact that we have not conversed regularly. Nevertheless, I will likely be very flattered you friended me, even if you have not alerted me of initially doing so. I digress, that it is also fine if you are a lurker-type of person. In any case, you are not missing out on much as this is morally a public journal-- with possible exceptions to the very private Real Life posts (which I doubt I will ever make).

Therefore, do not be discouraged from commenting here or friending me. In fact, I secretly do a little dance upon gleeful realization of a new visitor.

So, have fun looking around here.

(Aha! and if I have suddenly friended you for no apparent reason or explanation, understand this: I friend people on LJ who I have a great deal of respect and admiration for. I do not regularly friend people spontaneously, I friend the people whose journals I have read and liked earlier. To those who have returned the friending, I thank you all. And although it seems I may not comment frequently on your journal, please be aware that I am still reading your entries. I will never friend others merely to gain fame or look "popular".)

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