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Sat, Apr. 15th, 2006, 02:38 pm

This is a rather random question, but how exactly does the roleplaying on Livejournal work? I have seen countless Naruto roleplays -- widespread -- from AU, to deliberate OoCness, romance, epics, etc. Not to mention the countless RP advertisement.

Could someone who is experienced in LJ roleplays answer this? And what exactly are character journals used for? Additionally, how do the members of a particular RP community roleplay amongst one another after the character selections/claims are over?

Fri, Apr. 14th, 2006, 11:30 am

Why? I did myself in when I dared a simple glance through several unnamed forums, and hence got a terrible eye sore from its "fans" . . .

Here is what I think after reading several of the posts.

Anyone can hate a pairing, that is fine. But when you begin to bash it, then it isn't fine. After all, other people may like them.

I dislike KakaIru, I will possibly never see the "light" in SasuGaa/GaaSasu, and NejiTen frustrates me in a number of nameless ways; but I will not bash it like crazy or insult the pairing. Yes, I would politely quote the pairing's flaws, spout on about their insensibility, or mock its rabid fans, but I do /accept/ that other people like these pairings, even if I myself do not enjoy them. However, flaming the pairing, the characters within it, or their fans is honestly childish.

Follow up to this: A person may like a crack pairing in any fandom simply because their personalities match well together, or their potential as a couple is appealing, but when they begin to claim their pairing will become canon; that is when I begin to silently point and laugh.

And what is worse than this? Obviously it is seeing a fan put down one pairing and then claim their OTP is better or more "canon". Why yes, I'm talking to you Naruto fandom.

Mon, Apr. 10th, 2006, 12:48 pm

My userinfo page is flooding up with all these colorbars. To keep it a little more organized, I have compiled all the colorbars/images into this little post.

Enjoy looking at them; snag one if you wish.

(And thank you to all the colorbar makers.)

The ColorbarsCollapse )

Fri, Apr. 7th, 2006, 10:38 am
Crack Pairing + Community Pimp

Concerning the original Naruto x Tenten community, naru_ten I found to my dismay that it was quite/almost dead now; or very quiet. Seeing as I enjoy musing about the possibilities this pairing has, I created a second community in honor for this fan pairing of the anime/manga series, Naruto.

naruten (Not that different from the earlier community's name)

I hope this community will be slightly more active than its former, and to all or any who have read this post, you are welcomed to join the community if you like the concept of fox-faced Uzumaki Naruto and surname-less Tenten as an alternate pairing.

Following this post, I am also curious as to what people think of this pairing. You need not join my lonesome new community, but if you would like to offer more insight on why you like/dislike this pairing, feel free to drop a post here. Even if you have never contemplated this pairing before, or stand as a neutral; I am slightly curious to see others' views.

Why do I like TenNaru? Simply because of the fandom potential it has. Cheesy, but true. This is a crack pairing by heart, but I love the possibilities that it has whenever I contemplate it. Despite Tenten's dreadfully slight moments featured in the manga. I imagine their relationship filled with interesting mutuality, careless teamwork along with humor, understandings, and an almost loose, informal grace. They are two characters who have a drive/goal that does not include romance, and/or impressing a love interest, but instead for a chance to improve, succeed and become stronger. I believe Tenten has gained more respect from Naruto after his battle with Neji in the Chuunin Exams. (Though I am uncertain whether this pair will become a long-lasting relationship or not.)

EDIT: Alas, my empty community requires an icon, a first post, and a banner. I believe I can manage a first post, but neither the icon nor the banner... (Read: is there anyone who can make or provide either for this community?)

Sun, Apr. 2nd, 2006, 09:10 pm
Of Heredities and the Sharingan

Luckily because the arguable matter of SasuHina, ItaNeji, general HyuugaxUchiha pairings being directly incestuous has already been resolved earlier in different debate; I will say nothing about that particular case. However, after reading many badly-written fan fictions about the SasuHina pairing, I am starting to ponder currently about another consequence of Sasuke and Hinata's "marriage", and their child in some hypothetical scenario. (Which surprisingly does not include the numerous political issues.)

What I am wondering is: what on earth will happen to their respective Dojutsus in that child?1

Being annoyed with some of these SasuHina fans, I have also found out again from an earlier forum, (and in several fan fictions) that these people have no problems at all with this fairly important genetics issue I have been contemplating for a while now. In fact, aside from the fans who honestly do not care at all about this, these fans are even convinced that if Hinata were to bear Sasuke a newborn, their child will automatically inherit both their unique Dojutsus and become the hybrid of the two clans, simltaneously carrying a powerful, mutated cross of the Byakugan and Sharingan (Byakuringan? Sharinugan?).

(Looking back, I heavily suspect these fans might have missed the entire point of recessive genes all together as that plays an important role to this crossbreeding of the Hyuuga and the Uchiha.)

Now, let us look at the canon facts about our two characters and their different bloodlines. Sasuke is clearly a full-blooded Uchiha member due to his Sharingan and the blatant fact that both his parents were Uchihas, therefore he is not the child of Outsider + Uchiha. Assuming the Hyuugas would only allow their heiress to be a full-blooded Hyuuga, it is logical to assume Hinata is homozygous and also because she is one of the carriers of the Byakugan within the Main Family. As it is, if Sasuke and Hinata were to get together, it would create a massive amount of political problems, but that is not the point of this arguement; following the alleged theory that the Uchiha clan were indeed derived off the Hyuuga clan, there has be some plausible reason why the Hyuuga and the Uchiha clans respectively split into individual clans instead of staying together or becoming one again. (A reason could be because of the compatibility --or lack thereof-- in their genetic traits.)

It would be quite nice to see people's opinions on this. Which Dojutsu do you believe Sasuke and Hinata's child will inherit if they did marry? The Byakugan . . . or the Sharingan? Or do you think the genes will cancel each other out? Will this child end up blind/defected/normal, or is it genuinely possible for him/her to genetically inherit a combination of both Bloodline Limits? And if so, then will this heredity of Dojutsus be a positive outcome, or a negative? (There is also the speculation of whether the Byakugan is a dominant gene or the Sharingan is, or instead if they were both are dominant genes/traits from within an Uchiha and Hyuuga.)

And on another matter related to Sasuke's powerful Dojutsu. I have come to the conclusion that Sasuke might never get his Sharingan back biologically within a heir when/if he decides to rebuild his clan from scratch again (I.e the Sharingan is a defunct Bloodline Limit). Theoretically, this became impossible as soon as Itachi massacred every single member in the clan save for him. Based on what I have said, this means even if Sasuke were to marry Ino/Sakura/Hinata/Tenten/Temari in the future, the Sharingan has an exponentially smaller percentage/chance of re-surfacing again in his children than it did before the Uchiha clan was slaughtered. Why? Because assuming what Sasuke said about the Sharingan occurring naturally in only some of the Uchiha members really was true, then this does imply that the Sharingan is a recessive gene and for it to be received genetically by his child - both parents have to carry the same trait and/or carry the Uchiha blood in their veins. (And I highly doubt Itachi is actually planning on having future children).2 To top it off, if the Sharingan did manage to pull through somehow, then this does mean there will have to be a lot of inbreeding within the children to make the Bloodline Limit continue to live on afterward. Otherwise, once Sasuke and Itachi die (either from old age or being killed), then it does mean bye-bye Sharingan for good unless another Hyuuga with messed up genes somehow recreates it generations later which causes another speculation all together.3 *headdesks*

To end this, please do not misunderstand me; I honestly do like Sasuke and Hinata as a pairing by itself, but I abhor those fan fictions that completely disregard these problems I listed here as I certainly doubt Hinata and Sasuke could stay as a problem-free couple with problem-free children after marriage. (Not saying that their children would become mutants or birth-defects though.)

And this is completely my interpretation of the matter -- backed up by heavy references to the canon and typical facts about genetics. Comments, questions, rebuttals, are all very welcome to this utterly pointless post I made.


1 - Just for the sake of being generic, I will be liberally using the SasuHina pairing for this essay-ish rant; although this problem does also apply for the ItaHina, and other het UchihaxHyuuga pairings as well.

2 - Consider all this pointles ramblings as a warning for writing future Sasuke x Someone Else or Itachi x Someone Else fan fictions where they impregnate their spouse. The Sharingan cannot be duplicated so easily as I have already stated here.

3 - Although looking back at this, I have realized that the chances are very slim as we do not even know the circumstances of how the Uchiha were created off the Hyuuga assuming that claim was true. If the Sharingan is indeed a recessive gene, then there actually has to be two Hyuuga members with mutated genes to be born to spread their genes into the next generations and rebuild everything. (Ergo, the probability is extremely low in any case.)

Tue, Mar. 28th, 2006, 07:35 pm
Crack Pairings of Naruto

Today I shall --sort of-- discuss the crack pairings of Naruto and why they are so often enjoyed and treasured like gifts of gold in this loved ninja series.

To put it bluntly, they are all the amusing joy and originality inside this insane fandom. It is possible to have so much love for them because all the known main characters are young and clueless on romance save for childhood crushes and blushes. That aside, the characters of Naruto usually have very complex personalities (except for some, like Tenten) and intricate relationships with the other characters of the series.

This fandom was a rife for crack pairings from the moment it hit its fame level.

Yaoi, yuri, incest to an extent, and threesomes -- there are a countless variety of pairings to like, dislike and weep for in this exuberant series. Additionally there is so many speculations and discussion over a pairing that can neither be claimed as 'canon' or 'conventional' as there are no official/established romantic couples at all/so far.

This is why the cast of characters are so fun for pair ups. In my honest opinion, I think that it is one of a writer's greatest achievements if they can take two of the characters that have either had only a single scene or none at all, and make it work out believably without raping the canon or the characterizations we already have now.

On a whole, I keep an open-mind and unspoken acceptance for most pairings of Naruto --- however there are still a few that I will love above all else.

Cut Here for My Long List of CrackCollapse )

And now that I have finished my discussion and my list, I ask: what are your favorite crack pairings, and why? Reasons for liking it may vary, that is, you can merely like it from the fangirls' logic. Just lay them down with no shame and I will either agree with you, laugh at its craziness, or just discuss its possibilities.

(P.S Please do not try to reason with a crack pairing or a crack lover--like myself. We have no shame in loving these pairings, and we have already accepted that they will never happen in the canon.)

Mon, Mar. 27th, 2006, 06:17 am

Incest, a taboo in the real world, one of the Seven Great Sins, and a social stigma to boot. Nearly everyone hates it, and even First Cousin marriages are tolerated to varying degrees in the Western countries.

Not that I would ever recommend siblings to actually marry each other, or parents to sleep with their children -- but it is always a big WTF for me whenever I find someone else say that First Cousin marriage=Mutant babies. That is far from the truth, and yet I see people say it /everywhere/.

Ergo, in the series Naruto, it can become incredibly frustrating for me to find a fellow Naruto fan complain or whine about the Neji/Hinata or Neji/Hanabi pairings being illogical, or squickable. As far as we know about this clan; the Hyuugas are going to have to be incestuous to varying extents. The same reference would have gone to the Uchiha clan as well, but they are near extinct now.

It is arguable that the Hyuuga clan do not urge sibling marriage amongst themselves, but at the very least the first and second cousins of the clan (either from the Main Family or the Branch Family) are likely marrying one another to keep their powerful dojutsu alive throughout the generations. As we all already know, the Hyuugas guard their Byakugan very closely; even to the extent where they would become excessively selfish over who uses it within the clan, and internal conflict rampages through this clan. If this much is true, than it does also imply that they would guard the marriage plans of all the Hyuugas with the Byakugan.

Whcih may mean all the daughters of the Hyuuga will either have to marry their kin, or stay single.

As much as Hinata is useless to Hiashi's eyes, I truly doubt he would allow anyone outside of the clan marry her /that/ easily. Unless she is demoted from the Main Family -- her blood is still very important to him, as well as the Byakugan gene she carries. And so, politically, as much as Naruto/Hinata, Hinata/Kiba might work out personality-wise, they have literally no chance in marriage standards unless Hiashi decides to throw away the Hyuuga heritage. But if Hinata were to marry outside of the clan though, her husband would have to agree to take on the surname of the Hyuugas, not the other way around. But just as likely in the future, Hinata will either be in an arranged marriage with another member of the Hyuuga clan, or if possible, engaged to another member from another powerful clan of Konoha. Along with all the other heads of the Hyuuga clan, not even love is more important than maintaining their Bloodline Limit.

Any thoughts on this?

Sun, Mar. 26th, 2006, 04:46 pm

Third meme, and different from the rest. If no one tries it out, I will not blame.

For any commentator of this post. Should you choose to accept this mission, I shall personally applaud or praise you for your dare. Select one of the following first lines in the following sentences, and make a drabble out of it. These sentences are required to be the beginning line. Intepret them as you will.

Naruto, Furuba, Harry Potter, Inuyasha, Jigoku Shoujo, D.N Angel, etc. With exceptions to the ones given names, of course.

She never thought time has been so unimportant before.

Death was not the end of everything.

His eyes were troubled, and his gestures urgent, but his lips whispered no words.

"How dare you?" he hisses, and the hatred smolders hotter than any fire in his eyes.

Did love truly exist?

Hinata knew exactly when to gauge for the things left unsaid.

He was a man, trying to escape from his past, but his eyes always stayed the same.

"Do you really want to die?"

Even as he frantically shook her, she remained as still and glassy as a lifeless doll.

The kunai was bloody, stained in an ugly, tarnished red.

Naruto clutched the Anbu mask tightly in his fist, blue eyes unusually grim.

It was a never-ending cycle.

She smelled vaguely of cinnamon.

Promises could never be kept without deception.

Her smile was filled with bitterness and pain.

Edit: Love to all or any who manage to include any of the following: Ino, Angels, Heartbeat, Anbu, Sasuke, Hinata or 'Onesided' in their drabble. Every drabble will be appreciated of course, but especially for those.

And to bubble and shoeythoughts I deeply apologize for the lateness of these drabbles you requested earlier from me. I suffer from lack of motivation to complete things currently...

Thu, Mar. 23rd, 2006, 04:21 am
Chapter 300 -- Naruto

I am amazed. Since this should not be considered much of a spoiler anymore, I will say it outright. Sasuke is back. And glancing around, I believe that Livejournal accounts, communities and all the Naruto forums have gone crazy almost exploded with happiness and fangirl screaming about Sasuke's infamous return to the manga. (Technically, it's only his not-so-clear shadow and Sharingan eyes that have been revealed.)

I have counted at least 20-25 people who have already cheered/screamed/babbled about this chapter in their journal. Personally, I think Sai's back story/book is more impressive. Still, the fans' reactions are somewhat amusing...

Wed, Mar. 22nd, 2006, 07:09 am
"Sasuke-Returns"--Fanfiction Recs

My layout changed once again. Oops. I will likely change it one last time because I'm like that dissatisfied with this one.

I'll be posting bigger things/fic/essays later on, but for now I am busy.

To compromise though, and make this lj account look a little more lively, I will post a small fic rec for the lovable series, Naruto.

Today's fic rec: Sasuke

Title: Regret Not a Thing
Author: Mizerable
Rating: M (roughly rated R)
Pairing: Currently unknown. Possibly a Sasuke gen fic. Hints of pairings (platonic or not) scattered everywhere. (Implications of Shikamaru/Ino)
Warning(s) Blood, dark, gore, AU-ish setting, language, character death(s)
Currently at: 7 chapters; still going.
Summary: Even in my darkest hour, your hand still found mine.

My Thoughts: I have been secretly stalking this author, and reading all her works under anonymous name. This is definitely one of her best pieces, although she hasn't written many in any case. This is a Sasuke-centric fanfiction, and based on the theme, 'Sasuke-Returns-To-Konoha', but with a fun twist and lots of realism. It looks to be a gen fic as of now, but there still may be pairings in later chapters. Be warned, though. This is based on a more darker version of the events after the Sasuke-In-A-Barrel arc. She had me tearing up too much. Basically, I have a little love-hate relationship with this story, and I still love it. But it really is an excellent read for any who are interested.

::sigh:: It's been a while since I've found a story with In-character Sasuke in the Pit of Voles.

However, expect change. As in, a lot of change from what we know now as the established canon/Naruto timeskip. Personally, I prefer her version of the story, but that's just me.

Good Points: In-character, heartwrenching, excellent grammar, polished writing style. Little to none spelling errors, gorgeous detail, mild symbolisms.

Title: Tides
Author: Elizabeth Culmer
Rating: K+ (PG-13)
Pairing: None; slight hints of Naruto/Sakura/Sasuke
Warning(s) AU-ish setting, language,
Currently at: Completed, 10 chapters. Author is planning a sequel, entitled "Undertow".
Summary: Three years have changed them and their world, and they don't have much time to put things back together. Team 7, AU after the timeskip. COMPLETE

My Thoughts: Once again, this is another gen fanfiction, however there are vague hints of future Naruto/Sakura/Sasuke. Very in-character, and based happily on the Team 7 relationship we all know and should love. Also, as an additional bonus, Sakura is portrayed beautifully here. It is another version of 'Sasuke-Returns' but different from the one above. Enjoyable read for anyone who wants to read something nice and lovely. There isn't a lot of action/violence (for now, perhaps?) but pleasant interactions amongst said characters. It is a truly wonderful concept of reforming the shattered Team Seven relationship. She is a wonderful writer, though her preferred fandom seems to be Harry Potter from what I can see/tell.

Unfortunately, the only characters in this story are Naruto, Sakura, and Sasuke. Meaning there is going to be no Kakashi, Neji, Hinata, Tsunade, Jiraiya, etc. There is a possibility of Itachi's future appearance in the sequel, though.

Good Points: Read 'My Thoughts'. Otherwise, there are little to none spelling/puncuation errors, and/or grammar mistakes. Take a look at least, the fic won't bite.

It would be nice to drop off a nice review for either one of them, they are worth it. Their other fics are also nice as well.

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